Get Out of a Bind With Reliable Towing

Choose Vanteger Towing for fast, effective service

Whether your car has conked out unexpectedly on the road or you find yourself locked out, you need help fast. Vanteger Towing can be by your side within 20 minutes of your phone call to get you out of a tough spot.

We provide towing that covers:

• Long distance tows
• Local tows
• Light and heavy duty
• Roadside truck repair
• 24/7 service, and more

Our reputation has been built on providing our clients with reliable service from friendly professionals. Let us show you why we’re AAA’s local source for dependable towing services. Call Vanteger Towing next time you’re stuck!

No matter the size of your rig, we’ll tow it!

Vanteger Towing isn’t limited by size restrictions when it comes to our towing services. We can tow any size car or truck, handling everything up to 18-wheelers. Our prices vary based on the size of your vehicle and the distance you need to be towed. Hitch a ride with our team for up to 400 miles!

You’ll be rescued from the roadside before you know it when you call Vanteger Towing. Save our number for when you need it most, or reach out with any questions you might have.