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In Need of a Little Roadside Assistance?

Let Vanteger Towing get you out of a tough spot.

It's everyone's worst nightmare: you find yourself stranded by the side of the road alone and can't figure out how to get your car started. Luckily, Vanteger Towing is just around the corner and ready to assist you! We offer 24/7 towing services to get you safely off the roadside when you need it most. Our towing services include:

• Local
• Long distance
• Light duty
• Heavy duty
Roadside truck service
Recovery, and other roadside services

We can tow or service any vehicle, no matter how big or small. Call Vanteger Towing for emergency towing and recovery services when you're in a tough spot.

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Towing and services for big rigs

Vanteger Towing proudly provides roadside assistance to any size truck up to 18-wheelers. If you find your truck broken down on a highway or city street, you can rest easy knowing help is only a few minutes away. Our team promptly arrives by your side to analyze the cause of your breakdown and provide the appropriate repairs. We'll work efficiently and effectively to get your truck running and back on schedule!

Choose the team at Vanteger Towing for all your truck towing, recovery and repair service needs.

Towing services that will take you the distance

Towing services that will take you the distance

Whether your vehicle has broken down one or several hundred miles from home, you can rely on Vanteger Towing to get you where you need to be. Our team provides local and long distance towing services up to 400 miles. We are affiliated with AAA and have built a reputation for being the area's most reliable towing company. Simply tell us where you are and where you wish to be--we'll come pick you up within 20 minutes of your call.

Don't waste time when you're stranded. Get in touch with Vanteger Towing immediately.