Great ppl and great service. If you live in town and need work done to your vehicle I recommend this place above all others in the area

Matthew Setzer

We have been on the road for 4 hours, so we're pretty far from home, recently had our car lowered but while driving it scraped against the tires and we lost our splash shield, we stopped at Mr. Tires and they turned us away and refused to lift our car, then came across this place, right away the owner called his coworker to help us, in 15 minutes he was here lifting our car, even on a holiday. THANK YOU!! Highly recommend!

Casey Terrell

My truck had been stuck on the side of 81S for nearly an entire day last Sunday as I tried to sort out getting a tow through a roadside assistance program. After that option failed, I called Vanteger Towing and was assisted by Brent who was able to promptly provide a tow to a nearby dealer.

Steve Kreis

Another pothole story. On Easter Sunday around 11:00 am, we hit a major pothole on I-81 North, blew a tire on the trailer and bent the axle. We called several places, the only one that answered was Vanteger Towing. Brent came with his tow truck, brought the trailer to his shop, was able to fix the axle trailer and by 1:00 we were back on the road. Did I mentioned it happened on Easter Sunday just before lunch.

J-S Bournival

Got a flat on the highway. Took care of me quickly and got me back on the road with an affordable used tire to match my other worn tires (awd vehicle).

Geoff Hinman

Best experience ever

Brandon Gumaer

Broke a coil spring on I81S on my 2011 Hyundai Santa Fe near Hallstead PA, driving from Ontario to Florida. It was 8 pm on a Sunday. Called some local truck ops repair. No chance tonight, maybe tomorrow replies.Vantegers immediately responded saying "we'll get your part and install, have you on the road by 1pm Monday." That's exactly what they did. I was back driving south on I81 by 1pm when I had wondered if I would be able to get the part at all.

Bravo Brent and team from yer new pal in Ontario. Les Paulhus.

Les Paulhus

We had a blow out after hitting a huge pothole on the highway. We were stopped in a really bad spot with our family. Called AAA and were told they were sending Vanteger out and letting them know we were in an emergency situation. The owner came out to check on us before the tow truck came and was able to get us to a safer spot. He kept in contact with us and coordinated with the police to get flares set up for us. The tow truck came quickly even though it's original location was far from us. I should mention this happened late after hours. They got us to the shop safely and luckily had a used tire in the size we needed and got it on in about 15 minutes. They knew we were in a tight spot with no other options. They could have price gouged us, but charged us extremely reasonably for the repair. The whole time they were genuine about their concern for our family's safety and provided us with excellent service! Thanks again for your help and getting us on our way to enjoying our spring break!

Christian Espinosa

Great company and excellent service.

Alan Carey

Prefect! Couldn't not ask for better knights in shinning armour! Easy to work with and understanding. Actually willing to come out on a Sunday without a problem for a tow. Made a bad day better!!


Called for emergency service after I blew a tire on interstate 81. I had found them on Google. The gentleman told me they would be with me in 30 minutes and Jay the tow truck operator was there exactly 30 minutes later. Got towed back to the garage where they replace my tire with a used one in good condition and I was back on the road within another 30 minutes. The people there were friendly and did a great job for me. I highly recommend them.

Paul Shershen

Similar situation to the other review. Hit the mother of all potholes on the highway. Blew the tire and bent the rim. Brett, the owner of the company got us on the road again in less than an hour. Saved us time and money that we would of spent getting a rental car. Excellent service!

George Heisch

Great company with helpful, caring staff.

Tyler Smith

Genuine customer service

Liz Reid

Car broke down on I-81 just near exit 217. Called them up and they got me in 20 min. They were able to fix my car fairly quick. And the price was reasonable. I'm grateful that these guys were around. Definitely would recommend.

Ivan Cruz

These guys were fast, efficient, and competent. No complaints whatsoever.

Stan Giza

My tire blew out on I-81 and Vanteger came to the rescue within 20 minutes. They replaced my tire as well, all in all was about an hour or so process. Super quick and reliable

Emily Harringto